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nning out for rescue chances06-08-2018 14:10 BJTEmergency crews pulled ▓more bodies from what remained of village▓s devastated by the eruption of Guatemala's Volcano of Fire on Wednesday, but time was quickly runn▓ing out to find survivors as the confirmed death toll rose to 99 with nearly

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  • 200 still missing.Thousands of people displaced by the eruption have sought refuge in shelters, man▓y of them with dead or missing loved ones an▓d facing an unc

    ertain future, unable to return to homes de▓stroyed by the volcano.Firefighters said the c▓hance of finding anyone alive amid the still-steamin?/p>

  • 坓 terrain was practically nonexistent 72 hours after▓ Sunday's volcanic explosion. Thick gray ash covering t▓he stricken region was hardened by

    rainfall, making it eve▓n more difficult to dig through the mud, rock▓s and debris that reached to the rooftops of homes.The Centr▓al American country's disaster

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  • and forensic agency ▓Inacif on Wednesday afternoon raised the▓ death toll to at least 99, up from 85.Guatemala's seismological, volcanic and meteorological instit

    ute I▓nsivumeh heightened its warnings after the▓ volcano erupted again on Tuesday, forcing evacuations and sending rescue workers scrambling

  • for cover.But by Wednesday morning, rescuer workers were back at wo▓rk with pickaxes, metal rods and flashlights in hand, risking their own l

    ives in search of victims or a miracle survivor. Bulldozers stood by to help.▓"We can only work in places where we can stand on the roofs of houses... because th

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rs plunged metal rods into the quickly hardening ash that sat atop what was previ▓ously a roadway in a desperate search for trapped veh▓icles, a video by local TV station Televisie▓te showed.An elderly man, who was featured in a video shortly after the eruption that showe▓d him in a state of shock, caked from head ▓to toe in ash and mud, died from the severe burns he suffere▓d.The national disaster manageme

nt agency s▓aid 1.7 million people were affected by the volcanic▓ eruption.Volunteers were also distributi

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